Upcoming Special General Conference of MAK is scheduled on 22nd, 23rd & 24th of December 2017 at Matmara, Dhakuakhana in Lakhimpur District | Mising Agom Longé will be celebrated on 30th October, 2017 in all respective Central and Branch offices of MAK
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Mising Agom Kébang - the highest body of the Mising people, established in the year 18th April, 1972 A.D. MAK is a non-political voluntary organization, dedicated to the cause of preservation and development of Mising language and literature , and has been registered as a 'society'under the SOCIETIES REGISTRATION ACT, 1860, Government of India (Registration No. 663 of 1978).
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Flag Hoisting Song
  What does MAK normally do for the development of Mising Language and Literature?
Flag Hoisting Song
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