Mising Culture is one of the most colourful culture of North East India.
  The Mising are the second largest...
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Credentials of the MAK

MAK – MISING AGOM KÉBANG - the highest body of the Mising people, established in the year 18th April, 1972 A.D. MAK is a non-political voluntary organization, dedicated to the cause of preservation and development of Mising language and literature, and has been registered as a ‘society’ under the SOC IETIES REGISTRATION AC T, 1860, Government of India (Registration No. 663 of 1978).

Jurisdiction of MAK

The jurisdiction of MAK is the State of Assam, India. It operates centrally as well as through its branches, named Bangke Agom Kébang (BAK), in all the districts of Assam, in both rural and urban areas, inhabited by people of the community. There may be BAKs in places outside the state of Assam also.


(a) The MAK shall work for the all-round development of Mising culture in general, and of Mising language and literature in        particular.
  • Compilation and publication of various books in Mising language;
  • Collection and publication of Mising folk literature;
  • To work for introduction of Mising as a medium of instruction and/ or as a subject;
  • Publication of a mouthpiece
  • Such other activities as would promote Mising language and literature.

(b) The MAK shall strictly be a cultural, literary and linguistic association. It shall be aloof from all political and religious issues of controversial nature, it shall scrupulously avoid communalism.


Final Result Sheet of Mising Language Certificate Examination, 2015.

• MAK has started Mising Language Certificate Course from 5th June, 2015 at 60 centres in Assam. Anybody willing to enrol may contact the nearest BAK i.e. branch of Mising Agom Kébang immediately, All prescribed books for the syllabus of the course are available in the Head office of MAK, Karichuk, Dhemaji and MAK Library at Gogamukh on payment.

• The 22nd Biennial Session of Mising Agom Kébang will be held in the 1st part of January,2016 at Goroimari, Bhimpara of Lakhimpur District, Assam

• The second Gomnu Workshop of MAK (Session 2014-2016) was held in Hotel Brindavan, Sivasagar on 16th, 17th and 18th January 2015

• An official discussion between Mising Agom Kebang and Mising Autonomous Council regarding development of Mising language was held on 29th December 2014 in the office chamber of the Chief Executive Councillor, MAC, Gogamukh of Dhemaji district.

• Glossary Workshop held on 30,31 August'2014 and 1 September'2014 at Hotel Nibedan, Guwahati

• A team of delegate from MAK met VC, DU and GU seperately in the month May'2014 and discussed about the introduction of PG Diploma Course of Mising languange. Bothe the VC's given their positive ascent to the team for introduction of the course.

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