Mising Culture is one of the most colourful culture of North East India.
  The Mising are the second largest...

The Mising Language

The Mising language is one of the many Tibeto-Burman languages spoken by various ethnic groups in North East India. It is a member of a cluster of languages labeled ‘North Assam Group” in Grierson’s Languistic Survey of India. Its close cognates are spoken by several ethnic groups in Arunachal Pradesh of India, specially by a cluster of ethnic groups known as Adi (exonym ‘Abor’). Mising has its own characteristics of sounds, words and sentences. It may be noted that the Misings love their mother tongue passionately, which is the reason why they have been able to preserve their language and continue to speak it today, unlike some other ethnic groups in Assam who have lost their mother tongue.
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