Mising Culture is one of the most colourful culture of North East India.
  The Mising are the second largest...
About Mising Culture


A kaban is a song of lament. The theme is usually one of separation from near and dear ones, mostly from one’s beloved. The tune of a kaban exudes a sense of sorrow and it is rendered in a relatively slow rhythm.

Oi ni:tom

Oi ni:toms are the most popular variety of Mising traditional songs and are generally sung by young men and women. Traditionally, and mostly even now, they are amorous in content, and emotions are usually expressed with the help of similes and metaphors. Oi ni:toms often accompany an occasion of Mising so:man, singing and dancing performances of Misings, but they are sung on such other occasions also as when one is reaping crops in the field or gathering firewood or wild herbs in the jungle, and, these days, as musical pieces on stages or the media. The tunes are melodious.

Final Result Sheet of Mising Language Certificate Examination, 2015.

• MAK has started Mising Language Certificate Course from 5th June, 2015 at 60 centres in Assam. Anybody willing to enrol may contact the nearest BAK i.e. branch of Mising Agom Kébang immediately, All prescribed books for the syllabus of the course are available in the Head office of MAK, Karichuk, Dhemaji and MAK Library at Gogamukh on payment.

• The 22nd Biennial Session of Mising Agom Kébang will be held in the 1st part of January,2016 at Goroimari, Bhimpara of Lakhimpur District, Assam

• The second Gomnu Workshop of MAK (Session 2014-2016) was held in Hotel Brindavan, Sivasagar on 16th, 17th and 18th January 2015

• An official discussion between Mising Agom Kebang and Mising Autonomous Council regarding development of Mising language was held on 29th December 2014 in the office chamber of the Chief Executive Councillor, MAC, Gogamukh of Dhemaji district.

• Glossary Workshop held on 30,31 August'2014 and 1 September'2014 at Hotel Nibedan, Guwahati

• A team of delegate from MAK met VC, DU and GU seperately in the month May'2014 and discussed about the introduction of PG Diploma Course of Mising languange. Bothe the VC's given their positive ascent to the team for introduction of the course.

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